Why take this course? What will I experience?

The purpose of BTEC Higher Nationals in Engineering is to develop students as
professional, self-reflecting individuals who are able to meet the demands of
employers in the rapidly evolving engineering sector and adapt to a constantly
changing world. The qualifications also aim to widen access to higher education
and enhance the career prospects of those who undertake them.

Here are some routes our HND have pursued:

Systems Engineer; Automotive Engineer;
Maintenance Engineer.
Manufacturing Systems Technician;
Automotive Engineering Technician;
Engineering Maintenance Technician.

Module list

Unit 1: Engineering Design
Unit 2: Engineering Maths
Unit 3: Engineering Science
Unit 4: Managing a professional
Unit 8: Mechanical Principles
Unit 13: Fundamentals
Unit 11: Fluid Mechanics
Unit 9: Materials, properties and testing
Unit 34: Research project
Unit 35: Professional Engineering
Unit 36: Advance Mechanical principles
Unit 37: Virtual Engineering
Unit 39: Further Mathematics
Unit 38: further Thermodynamics
Unit 48: Manufacturing systems

Entry requirement
Chindwin TU International college entry requirements comply with the minimum requirements
related to programme requirement. Entrants should have sufficient qualifications to gain them
entry to higher education in their own country.

Myanmar students with at least 17 years of age: one GCE (A) level subject in Mathematics or
science subject or successful completion of a recognized Access or Foundation programme or
IFC in Chindwin college or LCCI level 3 or Cambridge International Diploma or foundation year in
Myanmar Government University or City and Guilds level 3 or any other equivalent