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  • With the idea of offering a second chance to the students who do not meet the expected scores to attend the government universities, Chindwin College was established at Mandalay in 2007 as a tertiary education branch of Soe San Boarding School, which attained over 20 years of success in the secondary school education level.
  • Chindwin helps all the students and those students who failed to make the scores to decent universities but have a certain potential through the student centered vocational learning platform called BTEC HND Qualifications.
  • Chindwin expended its Yangon Campus in 2010 and Taung Gyi Campus in 2016. During the time of establishment, there was a rising demand for engineers in neighboring countries.
  • Chindwin College was founded to produce qualified engineers and open doors for higher education culture in Myanmar.
  • Despite having strong focus in Engineering, Chindwin has not only expanded its engineering majors but also added other majors such as Business, Hospitality and Tourism faculties.
  • Since Chindwin has now collaborated with PSB Academy Singapore and University of Portsmouth UK, the students who have completed BTEC HND can take Chindwin’s degree program in Engineering and Business awarded from University of Portsmouth UK.
  • The students are also eligible to progress to recognized universities in Singapore and UK if they hold Chinwin BTEC HND as well.]
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